Matty Moments: Catch-Up Edition

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Folks, I have quotes from Christmas I still haven’t shared. Yep, I’m that far behind.  Getting the house ready for the market, buying a house, and working through job relocation (going on 7 months now in this process) is kicking our butts. Oh, and planning a vacation. Because why not throw one more thing in there to do? In other news, the moving company is here today, and it’s going swimmingly. Many people have told us this is the most stressful day ever, but alas, I’m sipping a hot tea and finding time to blog, so whatev.  Anyway, on to the good stuff:

Watching Barney, who sings some song about a black and white cow…
Matty: Whatchoo talkin’ about Barney? Cows not white, a sheep is white!


Matty: Me a cat! (licks foot and rubs his face with it)
On a side note, I had a girl in my class while teaching who used to do this with her hand. I thought she was strangest girl ever. Lesson learned, Karma. Lesson learned.


Me: Are you a boy or girl?
Matty: A boy!
Me: What about me?
Matty: You’re a girl.
Me: What about Daddy?
Matty: Boy!
Me: What about Grandpa?
Matty: A man!


At Lowe’s getting a single piece of flexline pipe (like a 6″ item). We had an entire flatbed cart because, you know, shopping with a toddler and all…Eric turns down a different aisle:
Matty: (at the top of his flippin’ lungs) Way-a-minute! Way-a-minute! Daaaaad! No! Not go that way! Daaaad!


Matty was at the babysitter’s house, with another boy his age.  The other boy started crying:
Matty: Stop that whining, Bear. Only baby’s cry. You cry like a baby. (gets in his face miming crying)
OMG, this kid has no social skills when it comes to other kids.  He also told the parents he doesn’t like their new baby, so, yeah…


Sitting in the living room, and a robin lands in the yard:
Matty: (jumps off the couch and runs out the door–pushing it open so hard I was afraid the glass was going to break) A parrot! A parrot bird in my own yard!!


At the park, playing in the ampitheatre (because heaven forbid he play on the playground with other kids).
Matty: (runs up on stage) The show must go on!


Smells a flower
Matty: Mmmm, it smells good!
Me: What’s it smell like?
Matty: (thinks hard) It smells like lettuce. And cake!


Movin’ on Up…errr, Down?

Well, hello again. Please forgive my two month absence. As you can see, big changes are happening around here…we are FINALLY moving back to the Cincinnati area!! When we moved to Lima 6 years ago, we thought it would be for a year. And 6+ years later, here we are. It’s been great (really), and we’re shockingly sad to be leaving. But I won’t deny we’re ecstatic about going “home”. I realized yesterday this year will be the first time in 10 years I get to wake up in my own house on Christmas morning. Hooray for no more travel and finally being “settled”.

That being said, this whole move quickly spiraled from “yay, we’re moving” to “it’s not bad–it will be over soon” to “Dear God I’m going to gouge my eyes out”. So, send some good vibes our way. I don’t think I can keep my house clean much longer, and my poor child keeps adding more to his “new house wishlist” the longer this process draws out. We’re up to elephants in the backyard, a lion and tiger in his bedroom, a basement, a new bike, and Grandma and Grandpa sleeping in his new room. 2/5 isn’t so bad, right?

Five St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Boxes…and More!


st patrick's day sensory box crafts toddler and preschool activityYes, yes. I know it’s already St. Patrick’s Day and this is kind of a moot post.  But there’s always next year! And lots of these activities can be adapted for other holidays or even used alone. So without further ado…1 sensory box, 5 ways!

Sensory Boxes

First, I dyed uncooked macaroni noodles. You can do this the same way as dying rice.  I also covered a paper towel tube in green ribbon and taped it to the side of the sensory box.  This made a great little tool for dumping macaroni, coins, and letters down.

1. Rainbow Numbers

st patricks day sensory box toddler and preschool number activity

He’s really into numbers right now, so we practiced putting them in order, naming them, and hiding them in the macaroni and finding them as I called out a number.

2. Letters in my Name Hunt

st patricks day sensory box toddler and preschool name letter activitiy

I found these trays at Wal Mart for $.92 each. Then I used a Sharpie to right his name.  His job was to find the letters and match them to his name.  This would be fun to do with a variety of words, or sight words for older kids.

3. Coin Sort

st patricks day sensory box toddler and preschool activity

I had two of those little black pots–one for green coins and one for gold coins.  Simple, but sorting is an important skill to practice.

4. Pot-O-Gold Count

st patrick's day sensory box toddler and preschool activity

I printed these awesome number printables for practice with counting objects.  Matthew can count objects correctly to four, so we just used 1-5 for the next step.

5. Green Extravaganza

st patrick's day sensory box toddler and preschool activity

Have I mentioned he loves these pom pom balls?  I gave him a pair of small tongs and an empty egg carton along with this box.  We also began talking about light green vs. dark green.


Matthew’s favorite friend is Curious George, affectionately called, Georgie. So when I saw I could get this in Kindle edition for him, it was a no-brainer. It’s a nice overview of some St. Patrick’s Day themes and vocabulary, but probably wouldn’t be too appealing if George isn’t a “thing” in your house.


I picked this up from the library last week, and let me say, it was slim pickings.  I’m sure there’s better St. Patrick’s Day books out there, but this did the trick. Can you tell I was a little behind this year?


1. Handprint Shamrock. This was a craft Matthew did with his babysitter. She always does fun things with him (which is why I justify driving 1 hour round trip for a babysitter…). I also love anything that captures his handprint.

hanprint shamrock st patricks day activity

2. Brown Bag Leprechaun Puppet. We go to Kid’s Night at a local restaurant, and this was last week’s craft.  It kills me because he has two sets of eyes.  Matty drew his eyes on the hat before the lady stopped him and drew her own face on. I like Matthew’s eyes better. :)

3. Lacing Shamrock. I swung by Jo Ann Fabric (which also has tons of crafting supplies) to look for gold coins a few days ago. To my surprise everything was already marked 50% off, plus I had more coupons.  I was able to get a few packs of gold coins and random crafts for around $4. Not too bad.  The shamrock came with it’s own lacing string, but I thought the shoelaces were a bit sturdier for little hands.  This could be made with heavy cardstock or cardboard, and in any shape!

4. Leprechaun Mask. Creepy picture alert.  Again, Matthew grabbed these at Jo-Ann’s. He got one for himself, then added one for Daddy and one for Mommy. Oh yes, we have a family set.  Unfortunately he had no interest in coloring them, so guess who got stuck coloring 3 creepy leprechauns? This could totally be made with a paper plate, construction paper, and a popsicle stick.

5. Check out last year’s shamrock mosaic and rainbow game. Oh, and our healthy green (spinach) cupcakes!


1. St. Patrick’s Day book recommendations? (you know, for next year!)
2. Do you find it hard to be hands-off during kid’s crafts? Or do you inevitably step in to straighten things up?